Flower .. Do you drink Rajiv Kalip? The young actor who was sad on the stage after swallowing his age ..

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With movie functions Anchor flower The noise started again. Film functions and audio ceremonies were misdirected by the influence of the corona virus. About 9 months later, Anchor Suma greeted the audience with a ‘crack’ audio ceremony, taking on its former glory.

The movie Crack starring Mass Raja Ravi Teja will be released in theaters on January 9. The pre-release ceremony of the movie was held on January 6 in Hyderabad. The event was hosted by Suma .. Happy Days actor Vamsi played a pivotal role in the film and Crack Audio came to the ceremony and punched Anchor Suma and made her laugh.

Anchor Suma, who invited Vamsi on stage, gave him a chance to speak. And Manodu Mike Andakuni .. ‘My first question is anchor Suma .. you said .. Wammo !! General knowledge is not a question .. pony is asking ‘said Suma ..’ Do you drink alone at home ?? Will you give it to Rajiv too? ‘ Said Punch. While the flower was laughing .. the same elixir Andy .. I was talking about the elixir .. did you swallow age ?? When Vamsi said .. ‘Do you have a biscuit factory’ ?? The flower girl punched him.

They were the same when I came to the industry .. They are the same now .. Will they be the same ten years from now ?? When Vamsi asked this question .. ‘Why don’t we simply follow Maharaja Ravi Teja .. His energy is not reduced at all’ .. Suma answers .. You are talking about the biscuit factory Vamsi reverse punched .. Immediately Ravi Teja follows The tribe laughed and gestured as if it was correct. This is not a biscuit, it’s real. Altogether the fun discussion between the two was highlighted at the crack audio ceremony.

Vamsi, on the other hand, has earned a good reputation as an actor with the films Happy Days, Corona Virus and Vangaveeti. Cross arrived in a prominent role in the film. Vamsi was impressed with his speech that I came without any background like Ravi Teja .. I get a lot of energy if I work with Ravi Teja .. I put one inside and speak one outside.