Vijay out from ‘Pushpa’ … the stranger who came into the line?

Hatrick movie ‘Pushpa’ starring stylish star, Sukumar combination. Rashmi Mandana is the heroine. Earlier, it was reported that Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi will be playing a pivotal role in the upcoming Pan India film. This created more hype on the film. However, according to the latest information received, it seems that Vijay has dropped out of the project. Also Read: With this, the unit is sifting again for the actor to play that role. The names of Upendra, Sudeep and Arya were heard in the background but the unit did not give clarity. The talk in Film Nagar sounds like the latest is contacting the iconic actor Vikram for the role. Everyone knows that there is nothing special to be said about Vikram. Will be at the forefront of actors who give their lives for the role. Cine critics say that the ‘Pushpa’ range is sure to grow further if Vikram is really taken in the film. The unit has to respond to this. Also Read:

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