Sukumar Crazy Plan … Nine villains in ‘Pushpa’!

Allu Arjun, Sukumar Hatrick movie to be directed ‘Floral‘. Shooting for the film, which was postponed due to a lockdown, has recently resumed. Recently leaked photos related to Bunny Getup during the shooting have gone viral on social media. One of the interesting news related to this movie has come out.

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Director Sukumar is setting up nine villains in the movie ‘Pushpa’. Mukesh Rushi and Rao Ramesh will be seen as villains in many movies so far. It is learned that Sunil has also got a role in these nine. Sunil who has changed from a comedian to a hero .. It is known that he has been playing villain roles recently. Although he appeared in the role of Negative Touch in ‘Disco Raja’, Sunil was not so impressed. However, the recent film ‘Color Photo’ brought him a good name.

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It seems that Sukumar is heavily planning for ‘Pushpa’, which is set to release as a Pan India film. The film is expected to release in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. The film is being produced by Maitree Movie Makers and is set against the backdrop of sandalwood smuggling.

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