RRR: British massacre .. Those scenes with cherry and stars .. Yama crazy jakkanna sketch!

Director Dheeru Rajamouli Every Telugu viewer knows the range of cinema. Jakkanna creates huge scenes as if he is unmatched in filming action scenes. He has already proved it with Magadheera and Bahubali movies .. now RRR The rest of the scenes in the movie were shot. The battle scenes with Cherry and the stars are going to make the hair stand on end.

Rajamouli has a reputation for never compromising until his output is perfect. He takes care to make his mark in every scene and will dazzle with the battle scenes in the RRR movie. Rajamouli, who used to shoot huge battle scenes with thousands of people in the movie ‘Magadheera’ which used to kill 100 people, is now going to show more than double the scenes on the silver screen through RRR.

The making of the video, which has already been released, makes it clear what range the movie will be in through RRR updates. Jakkanna knew that Annie was watching closely as if she was not going anywhere in the action scenes. In this context there is an interesting discussion going on about the latest RRR war scenes. Komaram Bheem says that Alluri Sitarama is preparing to fight with a hundred British people at once for the king, after which scenes like the British massacre will be in an unexpected range.
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In this huge movie NTR Komaram plays the role of Bhim .. Alluri as Sitaramaraj Ram Charan Pretending. Post-production works on the film are currently underway. Full Clarity will be coming soon on the release date of this movie that Mega and Nandamuri fans have been waiting for so long.

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