Niharika: Varun’s fianc భార్యe in Niharika’s wedding? Is that heroine Mega Kodala? Rumor has it

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The Mega Daughter Nebula wedding was held in grand style. Nebula and Chaitanya were reunited on Wednesday night at 7:15 p.m. Nebula and Chaitanya’s wedding was held at the Udayavilas Hotel in Udaipur. Mega and Allu families made a fuss at the wedding. Only two heroines from the industry attended the wedding.

One of them is Lavanya Tripathi and the other is Ritu Verma. Both of them are best friends of Nebula and Jim Mates too. The trio became very close as they met doing workouts. The couple arrived with the mega family two days before the nebula wedding.

If so .. Rumors are circulating that Lavanya Tripathi is going to be a mega cousin in the background of the nebula wedding. Lavanya has teamed up with Varun Sandesh in Mr. and Space movies. The news came at the time that Mr. Cinema had just started a love track between the two. After that, the gossip started that the bond between Varun and Lavanya was strengthened as the couple repeated in the space movie. Now that Lavanya Tripathi is seen making noise at the nebula wedding .. while there are so many heroines in the industry .. what is the special invitation for Lavanya ?? Various rumors are circulating that Varun is his fiance.

lavanya tripathi in niharika marriage

Lavanya Tripathi at Nebula Wedding

However, Nagababu recently informed that they will also marry Varun as soon as Niharika gets married. Nagababu said that Varun Tej has decided to get married before the end of 2021 but not before the beginning of 2022. However, they have already fixed the marriage for Varun .. There is a rumor that the girl is kept in suspense. But now with Lavanya Tripathi making a splash at Nebula’s wedding, these rumors have gained strength. However, the close friends of Mega Family are denying that Lavanya is just a friend. All these are just rumors that he has no relationship with Varun.

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