News from Akhanda .. Those fight scenes with childhood peaks‌! Boyapati pucca sketch

The range of the film has already been proven many times over. His approach to filming action scenes is well-received by mass audiences. Boyapati specializes in thrilling audiences who come to theaters with high voltage commercial elements. And if Nandamuri Natasimham joins hands with this mass director, it will be a sensation. The duo, who had previously entertained Nandamuri fans with their films ‘Sinha and Legend’, are all set to repeat the magic this time. In this context, an interesting thing has come out regarding this movie recently. Boyapati will be presenting in this movie as much as he has shown Balayya in Sinha and Legend movies. There are a total of eight fight scenes in the film, all of which seem to be unique and peak. Nandamuri is bringing Balayya into the field with the aim of giving a visual treat to the fans. It seems that the huge action scenes that come with the occasion are going to be highlighted. It is learned that Balakrishna will be seen in two different roles in the film which brought huge hype on the film. Information that he will appear in two strong roles as Agora, as well as Collector. Produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy under the banner of Dwarka Creations, the film stars Pragya Jaiswal as the heroine and Purna in a pivotal role. The already released ‘Akhanda’ updates have created a range of speculations on the film. The makers are planning to release the film as a Dasara gift.

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