Have the wedding clocks arrived? .. Vishnupriya who is going to tell the good news soon !!

Netizens on social media, everyone knows how the anchor hooks the television audience. Vishnupriya also acted as a heroine on the silver screen. But the devious and cruel way I treat them would probably upset her a little. So Vishnupriya’s beauty pageant is always going viral on Netflix. The dance videos she shares are in the O range though. Vishnupriya seems to be well versed in making the navel beauty feast. Vishnupriya dances with Srimukhi are not uncommon. Vishnupriya seems to be training well with her. Early in his career, he became famous for his short films on YouTube. So from there it came to television. Powe Pora is said to have dusted off with Sudhir. However, as an anchor, Vishnupriya did not get much of a chance. Now it seems that Vishnupriya is waiting for chances on the silver screen. Hence the information that fitness has changed to zero size. However, Vishnupriya has recently made a statement. I’m going to tell you the good news soon .. Do you want to know more? But wait, Vishnupriya said. Does the new movie update say anything? Or does the wedding thing announce anything? Varieties like this are whispering. Information that Vishnupriya is playing an important role in the upcoming new project in Aaha and an update is going to be given about it. The real thing is to see when Vishnupriya will reveal.

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