fahad faasil: Fahad Fazil is such a wada .. The latest interesting news about ‘Pushpa’ villain? – fahadh face to be act as single eye blind in pushpa

Stylish star Allu Arjun, Creative Director Sukumar Upcoming movie in combination ‘Floral‘. This is the third film coming in a combo of the two. With this, the expectations on this film are at an all-time high. The movie teaser and posters, which have already been released, have taken these expectations even further to the peaks. Allu Arjun Released on the occasion of his birthday, the teaser of the film impressed the audience with its background music and visuals. Not only that .. Allu Arjun’s dialogue ‘Taggede Le’ at the end is still trending.

Chitra Unit has recently released the song ‘Dakko Dakko Meka’ from the movie. The song was sung in five languages, with five singers. The song is especially entertaining to the audience. However, the latest Malayalam superstar to play the role of a villain in this movie Fahad Fazil The character was introduced by the film unit. Fahad surprised everyone with his razor. Looks like there are going to be some gruesome fight scenes for the sandalwood smuggling gang to this horrible police officer.

However, an interesting news regarding Fahad’s role in the film is going viral on social media. That is .. he has only one eye in this movie. The makers released a one-eyed look just in time to give an intro about Fahad’s character. In the latest poster, one part of him is in full shadow while the other part is in the light. This further strengthened the news. And to come to a definite resolution on this means to wait until the movie arrives.

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