Big offer for Nagarjuna ‘Wild Dog’ .. Released in OTT!

The release of several films has been postponed due to the closure of theaters due to the lockdown and the audience has run out of entertainment. Taking advantage of this time, OTT companies are buying and releasing huge movies. On the other hand theaters or most movies have gone OTT. Big movies like Nani V and Anushka ‘Silence’ have also been released on online platforms. Another big movie in this series’Wild Dog‘It is also known that it will be released in OTT.

Nagarjuna The movie ‘Wild Dog’ starring as the hero has recently finished shooting. The makers are looking forward to bringing this film to the audience soon. On the other hand even though everything is ready for theaters to open now .. it is still questionable whether the audience will come to the theaters. At the moment there is a huge offer for the movie ‘Wild Dog’ from the famous OTT company. With this, the filmmakers are ready to release in OTT.

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Nagarjuna will be seen in a different role than he has ever seen in the movie, which will be directed by Ahisor Salmon under the banner of Matinee Entertainment. He played Vijay Varma, an agent working for the National Investigation Agency. The film also stars Diamirza opposite Nagarjuna. Siamese Kher plays a key role. Niranjan Reddy and Anvesh Reddy are jointly producing this movie.

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