balakrishna: Akhanda: Good luck to Balayya fans soon .. when will the update come ..? – akhanda movie official update to be released this weekend

Balakrishna .. Boyapati Srinu The hat-trick film ‘Akhanda’ is opening in combination. Announcing the title of the movie a few days ago .. a teaser was released. ‘The pig that changed color in front of Nandi when he was washing his legs. Balakrishna The only dialogue mentioned is impressive to the fans. Prior to this teaser, Glimpses, which released ‘BB3’ without announcing the movie title, whistled with the audience. Except for these two Akhanda No major updates from Fans were a bit disappointed with this.

However, a few days ago, the film production company Dwarka Creations tweeted that the update will come from Akhanda. In addition, a trident was attached to the pick. However, it was not clear when the update would come. The news that an official update of the film will be coming out this weekend is going viral on social media. It remains to be seen whether the update will be about the first single or the release date. That fact must be taken into account. ”

As for the movie .. Pragya Jaishwal is playing the role of the heroine in this movie .. she is playing the full key role. It is learned that Balakrishna will be seen in two different roles in the film which brought huge hype on the film. Information that he will appear in two strong roles as Agora, as well as Collector. A Tollywood senior hero is also playing the role of a villain. Produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy, the film is expected to be released as a Dasara gift.

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