Another movie heiress entry into Tollywood .. Srikanth Daughter as heroine!

Descendants of the actors want to give entry into the picture. Since then, many Star Kids have hit the cinemas. However, it has been proven in the case of many Star Kids that success depends on the individual’s talent. Against this backdrop, hero Srikanth’s son Roshan has already made his silver screen debut. Now it is interesting to know that his daughter has also taken the same path. In fact very few heroes want their daughters cine entry. Manchulakshmi, Niharika and Shivatmika are on the list of female leads in the current Star Kids. Now Srikanth- Imagination’s daughter Medha is also going to join the list. It has become a hot topic to know that Srikanth and his wife are showing interest in making 17-year-old Medha a heroine. That is why Bharata is currently undergoing dance training. It seems that the Srikanth-Imagination couple, who want her entry to be very grand, have already started a story hunt. The right story, the director says her camera will come forward very soon if set. Now Srikanth’s son Roshan is making his Tollywood entry with ‘Nirmala Convent’ and trying for a proper break in his career. He is currently working on ‘Pelli SandaD’, which is being directed by Raghavendra Rao. This Feel Good Entertainer will be coming to the audience soon.

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