Sonu Sood Special Request .. Free operation for Uppal resident

The whole country is now talking about the help that actor Sonu Sood is doing. All the people praised him for his help in the case of migrant workers during the Corona lockdown. Migrant workers, however, likened Sonu Sood to God. After that he offered his help to anyone who was in a difficult situation. With this, all the people praised Sonu as a real hero. However, with the latest request from Sonu, a hospital offered free help to a patient

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Dr. Vijayabhaskar said that Jayamma (62), a resident of Uppal, had a knee replacement transplant following a request made through Twitter. He said he underwent surgery at Ravi Pilios Hospital in Domalaguda, Hyderabad on Tuesday. The surgery will cost Rs 2 lakh. Sonu Sood said they performed the surgery for free out of respect for their services. He explained that Jayamma is currently recovering and will walk soon.

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