Put all the money in my baby .. what’s going on .. good news for Diwali: Rahul Sipliganj

Big Boss Winner Rahul Sipliganj.. Singer is not only singing many songs .. He has created many albums of his own and has garnered millions of views. Rahul produced about 20 music albums from 2013 to 2020. Magajati, Why, Poor Boy, Far Away, Dawat Jai Bolo Ganesha Like Rahul has got so many albums craze. However, Rahul is currently working on an album titled ‘Baby’.

In fact, Rahul, who has sung in many movies as a singer from the very beginning, spends all his earnings on these music albums. Rahul is not lagging behind even though the revenue on these is not big.

However, Rahul’s new album ‘Baby’ is coming soon .. Rahul is talking about this .. ‘Baby album is going to be released soon .. I want to bring it to the audience soon .. I want to release this Dasara .. I have spent a lot of money. Heavily laid out three-four sets for the song. By the grace of God what will become of my baby album. 99 per cent will be released for Dasara .. Good news for Diwali .. Another project is in February .. Rangamartanda shoot will start in another week ‘, said Rahul. Rahul, who is currently singing in many films as a singer, became an actor with the film ‘Rangamartanda’. Bigg Boss is hosting season 4 of Bigg Boss Buzz. Rahul is interviewing the eliminated contestants.

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