I have no interest in it .. Enjoying the second innings: Jagapathibabu

It is known that after impressing the family audience as a hero, Root changed into a villain and a character artist. At a time when the chances of becoming a hero were dwindling, Balakrishna and Boyapati got the chance to be the villain in the ‘Legend’ combination with both hands. Without looking back from there, they are getting chances in Telugu as well as Tamil and Malayalam movies. The talk in the industry is that Jagapathibabu is earning more after becoming a villain than in the time he made movies as a hero. Responding to this, he said that everyone thinks that he is being given huge remunerations for his character in movies … but he is still not given a fix. He said that his remuneration will also change depending on the film industry, subject and film budget. However, he said that he was fully enjoying the second inning and did not care much about money. Jagapathibabu said that he got a lot of exposure after becoming a character artist from Hero and can see a lot of industries. He said that he enjoys acting in new roles and getting acquainted with actors in other languages. That’s why he says he’s okay if he likes the character without prioritizing money. Recently, it was revealed that he was ready to act in a movie for free, but for some reason the movie stopped.

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