He wanted to play everyone like a monkey and eventually became a joker himself: Actress Fire on Vanitha

Southern actress with third marriage affair Vanitha Vijaykumar Once again, the news is known. Vanathi reacted to the propaganda against the woman that her third husband was kicked out of the house. She broke down in tears, describing how much she loved her third husband, Peter, and how he had been abused by a drunkard who had forgotten everything. He said that it was not right for some people to harass him by posting his personal information on social media.

Everyone understands that Vanitha made these comments meant for people like Kasturi, Suryadevi, Vijayan. She was severely criticized by all of them during her third marriage. Quoting the woman’s remarks, some netizens reacted angrily to her dismissal of Kasturi. ‘When you want to keep your life personal, you also have to be private,’ Kasturi Shankar countered. When a video was posted on YouTube describing personal life, he questioned how it could be personal.

‘No one decides a woman’s life .. she did everything. He wanted everyone to play like monkeys in the circus and eventually remained like a joker. After all, now it makes me laugh to say things like honesty and straightforwardness, ‘said Kasturi.

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