Sudigali Sudheer: Sudigaali Sudheerki Corona! Comedian in Home Quarantine .. Everyone’s eye on Rashmi !!

Zabardast comedian Tornado Sudhir‌ The corona seems to be infected. According to sources close to Kovid, he was recently diagnosed with a minor illness and tested positive. Although Sudhir has not confirmed this .. Sudhir for the last two to three days Corona The news of the cut is circulating. Sudhir is currently safe in his home quarantine.

Yama has been actively involved in his TV and film shootings since the shootings were allowed as part of the lockdown easing. The audience is especially tickled by the TV shows. Now that the festival has arrived, Sudhir will no longer be invisible. It was in this order that the special program ‘Akka Evade Atagadu’ was shot for Dussehra this time. In which Rashmi, Varshini, Shekhar Master, all the music was scattered together. Promo videos for the show are currently making the tribe commotion on social media. The show has aired on October 25th.

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In this context, the news that the tornado has now cut off the corona is disturbing the television audience. Did Sudhir get in touch with fellow actors during the shootings so did they also get corona? The suspicions began. Most importantly, everyone’s attention fell on Rashmi. People are saying that if Sudhir is really infected with the corona, then the whole team, including Rashmi, is in danger. So .. let’s see how Sudhir will react to this news !.

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