Shankar on the producer .. ‘Indian-2’ plan to leave the project!

Shankar is a director who has screened many wonderful films and shown the glory of Indian cinema to the world. He is currently shooting ‘Indian-2’ with Kamal Haasan. It is a sequel to ‘Bharatiyudu’ which came out 24 years ago. However, the beginning of the film is facing many difficulties. Shankar, who is known for his big films, wanted to screen ‘Indian-2’ on the same level, but production house Leica Productions blocked it. The shooting stopped for a while. After that Shankar compromised and the project took off again. Also Read: The story then begins with a crane accident at the shooting location that kills unit members. The producers were outraged when Shankar criticized them that they had died due to the negligence of the production company. The shooting resumed when Kamal Haasan intervened and settled the dispute. However, with the onset of the Corona epidemic a few days later, the movie broke again. Now that the situation is back to normal, Shankar was preparing to resume shooting when he had another altercation with the producer.

Shankar did not agree as the construction company was planning to reduce the budget more than in the past. The producer seems to ignore Shankar’s argument that the film could not be screened as expected if the budget was further reduced, which could have an impact on the outcome. In addition to this, it is learned that Shankar was upset as the producer was not ready to resume shooting. With this, it seems that Shankar is planning to quit the project and start another film. It is learned that Shankar wrote a letter to the producer asking for clarification on when ‘Indian-2’ will be launched for clarification.

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