Pawan Kalyan says no to that remake!

Currently the mega heroes are on the trail of remakes. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is already starring in the Pink remake. It has been rumored that Pawan Kalyan will also be remaking the Malayalam super hit ‘Ayyappannum Koshiyum’ in Telugu. Talk is heard that Rana is also acting along with Pawan in this movie.

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Initially, it was reported that Ravi Teja and Rana wanted to act together in the film and it was okay for Sagar Chandra to be the director. However, the project came to a halt as Ravi Teja became busy with a series of films. It was rumored that Pawan was interested in the remake and the unit heard him script together and said OK. However, according to the information received now, it seems that Pawan has dropped out of the remake of ‘Ayyappannum Koshiyum’.

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Lawyer Saab, who plays Pawan Kalyan, is in the final stages of shooting. After that, he is scheduled to act in another film along with Krish. Pawan seems to have dropped out of the project as he did not want the unit to wait for him as it was likely to take a long time for the films to be completed.

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