No heroes found despite the hit … Maruti made a shocking decision!

Maruti has become a top director by hitting big hits with short films. Recently, Sayidharam Tej hit a blockbuster hit with ‘Everyday Festival’ but his situation came to the fore again. Allu Arjun and Bellamkonda Srinivas have heard stories of such heroes but no one has ever told them OK. Even though they like the stories, Maruti can’t guarantee that they are all busy with other films.

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In the early days of his career, he made semi-adult films with newcomers and after successful Maruti, he also made good films with stars like Venkatesh and Nagachaitanya. Despite giving a good hit to Sayidharam Tej, it is surprising that the young heroes did not give him a chance. With this, the talk in the industry is that Maruti, which is excelling as a director as well as a producer, has no chance of announcing its own film. It is learned that Maruti is planning to launch web series along with movies to impress the youth in line with the current trend.

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