Corona positive for Hyper Adi .. Break for Zabardast shooting!

TV audience is especially entertained and laughs’Bazardast‘Program’ Corona caught in the chorus. It is a matter of concern that the artists who act in it are suffering from corona one by one. Sudhir and Anchor Rashmi have already been diagnosed with corona Hyper sun The corona seems to be entangled. It has recently come to light that Hyper Adi was also infected with Kovid before the tornado swept through the corona virus. However he is reported to have already recovered.

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However, fans are worried about Hyper Sun’s health as it is just an unofficial campaign and no one has clarified it. It also seems that the shooting has been postponed because others in the Zabardast program have similar features. Recently all the TV channels have created huge programs on the occasion of Dussehra festival. Kovid fear now grips all TV actors with the participation of some formidable artists in all events. With this, it seems that actors and technicians of other TV channels along with Zabardast artists have undergone Kovid tests.

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It is learned that TV series and other programs have been shooting since June as part of the unlock. Navyaswamy, Ravikrishna, Singer Smita, Malavika, Sakshi Siva etc. were affected by corona in this cove. Recently, along with the hero Rajasekhar couple, their two daughters were also infected with corona. Shivani, Shivatmika, life recovery .. Rajasekhar is currently receiving treatment at the hospital. TV stars and technicians are worried that the corona will be infected at a time when the corona is declining and conditions are expected to return to normal.

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