Criticisms on Bhim Muslim Getup .. Does Rajamouli care?

NTR, directed by SS Rajamouli Ramcharan Becoming a multistarrer as heroes’RRR‘Film shooting is rapidly celebrating. Ramcharan will play Alluri Sitaramaraj and NTR will play Komaram Bhim. On the 22nd of this month NTR Unit highlighting the character .. Ramaraju has released a teaser for Bheem. Netizens are trolling Rajamouli for allegedly using shots for a teaser in a documentary on the National Geographic Channel. In particular, the depiction of Komaram Bhim in a Muslim getaway has drawn sharp criticism.

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Netizens and Telangana activists are questioning how correct it is to show Komaram Bhim, who fought against the Nizam’s rule and Razakars, in a Muslim getup. Former IPS officer and former CBI director Nageswara Rao sensitively warned Rajamouli on Twitter. He tweeted that it is not correct to distort history. Bollywood has lost its credibility in doing so. Imagine similar criticisms of ‘RRR’, however Rajamouli It was announced in advance that the story was completely fictional.

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Some argue that there would have been no problem if the characters had not been named after real life people when it was a fictional story. Saying that the story is fictional .. Do people fall for the names of people related to history? Some are questioning that. However, some argue that there was a reason for Komaram Bhim to make a Muslim getup, and that Komaram Bhim was shown to do so in order to show that he had achieved what he had envisioned by joining the Nizam Adda. It remains to be seen how Rajamouli will respond to these criticisms through his film.

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