Concerned hero Rajasekhar’s health … Shivatmika tweeted that he should pray for his father

Hero Rajasekhar The whole family is known to be infected with the corona virus. However, their daughters Shivatmika and Shivani recovered immediately. Rajasekhar and Jeevita were treated at a private hospital in Hyderabad. Corona is also negative for life .. Rajasekhar’s health condition is still alarming information. Giving clarity on the matter, his daughter Shivatmika tweeted.

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‘Dad is having trouble fighting Corona. Currently his condition is stable and improving. I hope he returns safe and sound with all your admiration. Pray for my father to recover quickly, ”Shivatmika tweeted.

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Rajasekhar tweeted that he and his family members had contracted the corona and that his two daughters would recover. He and himself were receiving treatment at the hospital. After a few days, even life will recover from the corona … Rajasekhar is still receiving treatment. With this, the film industry is worried about his health condition.

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