40 years to the movie Rebel Star, Megastar

Rebel star Krishnan Raju, megastar in the Telugu film industry Chiranjeevi Not to mention specifically about. The two entered the film industry from the same area of ​​the same district and acquired a unique image following of themselves. The two acted in a few movies together at the time. One of them ‘Waves of love‘It’s been 40 springs since the movie was released. Released on October 24, 1980, the film marked a turning point in their careers. On this occasion, let us recall the highlights of the film …

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The super hit ‘Mukhaddar Ka Sikander’ story in Hindi has been remade in Telugu under the title ‘Prema Tharangalu’. Leading producer Emms Raju’s father Rayaparaju built on the banner of ‘Prabhuchitra’. Chittibabu directed. Chiranjeevi played the role of Krishna Raju and Vinod Khanna played the role of Amitabh Bachchan. Sujatha played the role of Rakhi in Hindi. Jayasudha as Rekha and Satyanarayana as Anjad Khan.

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Gollapudi wrote the lyrics for the film ‘Prema Tharangalu’ while Sinare and Atreya wrote the songs. The emperor composed the music. The waves of love in those days especially impressed the youth of cinema. The songs in it also entertained the audience. If ‘Love Waves’ is screened as a remake with Emmy King’s father Rayaparaju Krishnaraja .. His son Emmes Raju .. Emms King screened ‘Rain’ with Krishna Raju actor Prabhas. The film is a remake of ‘Baaghi’ in Hindi. If the father is screened with a star as a remake of a Hindi film … it is special that the Telugu film made by their successors will be remade in Hindi.

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