Your punishment .. Bandla Ganesh who has nothing to do with me .. Like in the wrong circumstances!

Bandla Ganesh, who has made a name for himself in the Telugu film industry as an actor and producer, is known to have campaigned on a large scale on behalf of the Congress party in the last elections. The 7’O Clock Blade dialogue, in particular, continues to be a sensation today. However, after noticing the result, he noticed that he had taken a political step and made a mistake. Now he is trying to stay away from politics and get busy with movies again. Yet many rumors are circulating about his political journey. Who have already reacted to this many times Bandla Ganesh Responded once more.

I have nothing to do with politics, Morrow says, but some are working and trying to sling mud at Ganesh. From time to time on social media he is bustling with comments on political journeys. “I have no affiliation with any political party or politics. Although I stay away from politics. Please do not post previously spoken words now. This is my request, ” said Bandla Ganesh himself, but the rumors did not stop. In another tweet, he was punished unanimously this time under the wrong circumstances.

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“I have nothing to do with any political party. I stay away from politics,” said Bandla Ganesh. With this, it was confirmed that he was saying goodbye to politics in politics. But some netizens do not even believe it. ‘What is the point of believing that you, who in the past promised to face the media about the blade, are now telling the truth?’ Logic speaks for itself. Looking at this situation, it is becoming clear what the public opinion is on the words of the carts.

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