We are lucky to have someone like you in our lives: Allu Arjun

Everyone knows how much stylish star Allu Arjun adores his father. Allu Arvind, the successor of Allu Arvind, one of the biggest producers in the Telugu film industry, continues to express his love for his father whenever he gets a chance. He also shed tears while thanking his father at the pre-release event of ‘Ala Vaikunthapuram’ last year. The emotional scene of the father and son on stage hooked everyone.

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And now, once again, his love for his father Allu Arjun Expressed. Today is Allu Arvind’s birthday. He turned 72 years old. On this occasion Bunny wished his father a happy birthday through social media. ” You should celebrate more days like this, Dad. Thank you for being helpful in every matter for everyone you know. We are so lucky to have a person like you in our lives. This birthday should make you look younger, ”said Bunny.
After Bunny, his younger brother Allu Sirish also wished his father a happy birthday. Shirish likens his father to Don Carlioni, a fictional character in the novel The Godfather. He said he was waiting to say a lot about his father in public. Along with them, many in the film industry wished Allu Arvind a happy birthday.