Those girls are Rebels .. you can’t rape them: Puri Jagannath

Not all girls are the same. Some girls have a difference in behavior. They behave like boys, not girls. Compete with the boys. Don’t be shy at all. Going rude. Such girls are called crocodiles in our society. ‘Tomboy’ in English. The famous director said interesting things about these tomboys. To this extent Tomboy did the podcast. Also Read: ” Behaving like a boy despite being a girl. Showing interest in what boys do. Eventually they dress like boys. That is not to say that there is no femininity in them. .. But, like other girls, sitting in front of the mirror for a long time, there is no make-up for hours. Dressing is also not done for attracting anyone. They like to wear comfortable clothes as they like. Tomboys are never shy. Speak boldly. If you want to swear, you can swear at whores better than you mentally, ”said Puri Jagannath. Puri said that usually Tomboys are like drama queens. Revealed that anything the face says is yours, lives on in dreams, and is very practical. “Tomboys don’t try for the rich. If the party is found, they will not look to get married. Think about how to raise an uncle. They are planning to do any business. They always stand up for family. I love tomboys, ”Puri said. Also Read: Puri says it is very easy for Maghalas to interact with Tomboys. Tomboys are very easy to understand. He said that he would stay with the Magallanes, compete with the Magallanes and not care about the society at all. Puri revealed that there will be a lot of fire inside the Tomboys and testosterone levels will be higher than the Maghalas. This is the reason for running in the Olympics, riding horses, driving cars and bikes. “While writing Drama Queen’s lipsticks in the gym, these Tom Boys work out competitively with girls. Girls can’t misbehave with them. Will not let. You can’t rape them. Because they are Rebels. Work at your desk in the office. A taxi stops on the road at midnight. “After the party, all the friends were dropped off at home and the last one to go home was Tomboy,” Puri said proudly. Puri advised the parents that if the girl was a crocodile in the house, they would not like them at all. We need Noor Inayat Khan, Jhansi Lakshmibai, Saraswati Rajamani, Poolandevi, Kiran Bedi, Karan Malleshwari .. Puri is of the opinion that we need such people. He said that real blondes are women who have eyesight and perseverance. You can hear more about Puri about Tomboys in the video below.

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