Thaman: ‘Crack’ director’s tears .. Taman emotion in Success Meet

Gopichand Malineni, the director who gave blockbuster hits to Raja Raja Ravi Teja with films like Don Sheenu .. Balupu .. brought a festive buzz at the theaters by giving a crack-like hit with the movie Crack. The film’s victory ceremony was held in Vizag on Wednesday. Hero Ravi Teja, director Gopichand Malineni, Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, Samudrakhani, music director Taman and other actors who worked on the film were present.

Music director Taman impressed with his emotional speech on the occasion. On this occasion, director Gopichand spoke about the difficulties he faced for this film.

Taman said .. ‘Ravi Teja is the hero who gave me a kick in my life. With the kick he gave, 126 movies were done. This is no ordinary kick. It gave me a chili-like kick again. Add a little salt and pepper to taste. Then my uncle (Gopichand Malineni) came and gave me a balupu. Now the crack is boarded. Kick First Movie .. Crack Eleven Movie .. Became One Plus One. I enjoy Ravi Teja movies very much .. I will become a bitch. His body language is very difficult to grasp. Everyone sees him six feet .. He is another six feet. I will see those six steps .. what kind of songs should be given to him. Ravi Teja Anna gave me a good chance again. I did 11 movies with Anna. The hero who gave me the most movies is yourself Anna. Loveyou Somech Anna.

This crack movie proves once again what the festival would be like if Ravi Teja got the apt title. The title ‘Crack’ set everyone’s mood.

I have always wanted Gopichand to find a good technical team. Because he has so many hopes and aspirations. Hides a lot in mind. He can’t speak up but .. Film Nagar can’t be taken right without success. Straight claw.

Gopichand’s hard work for this film is very emotional. Hyderabad to Chennai Indigo staff will also not be returning. Sailed so far. Wherever you go, Bawa means going or coming .. that is. I was very anxious. Next to that is how the corona is .. who gives masks and immunity tablets.

The release of this movie then many people have a lot of doubts. Will people come if released ?? Does the movie play? Or ?? That. But the audience showed us the festival five days in advance. We owe you.

I thought while doing this movie RR .. this movie will raise the dust on the RR speakers .. when the first show of this movie fell .. dust came out of all the speakers. Gopi .. Taman was there and he gave me the space to take care of me. I would not have had the opportunity to make music if he had not given me space.

Gopichand gave me a big playground .. Bawa Nuv Aaduko .. This movie is called Up Lepu. No matter where the movie is. The confidence he put in me is the reason why this movie came out so well. Really saying .. this movie is gopi difficult. I saw his tears. Bawa cried that this movie is very important to me. His tears fell on my shoulder as he hugged me. Stay away from family .. We worked hard for almost 28 days. We are in the office from December 12 to January 5. Gopi, however, slept in the office. Because we are wandering so many places .. Will this corona come to us? With the fear of being. We are both in the office .. I am proud to see our uncle Gopi after seeing the success of the movie Crack today ‘said Taman very emotionally.