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Singing Gandharva SP Balasubramanian It has been almost a year since I left this world. Telugu audiences will never forget this September. SPB Many worships and prayers have been made for health to come down and for us to come back healthy. But our worship was in vain. SPB has gone to worlds that will never return. With the death of SPB, the Indian music world became dumbfounded. The industry of all languages, be it Bollywood, Kollywood or Tollywood, has paid rich tributes to SPB.

Singer mourns the death of SPB Sunita Many times became emotional. Tears welled up in his eyes as he remembered his association with SPB. And recently she posted another. On the day of reaching SPB, he became emotional by sharing a photo that landed with him. ‘Mavayya .. I want to walk into the past once. I want to hear your song. If you sing you have to clap again and again with squinted eyes.

My throat is going dumb in the dilemma of not knowing what to do now. The year is hard to believe. Forever you are my teacher, inspiration, courage, strength, faith wherever we are, I am confident that you will look at me with the same affection. I am also living with that belief .. ‘

However, there are various comments on this post. Now some people are making posts like this..if they are making some comments that they will not even go to see him if he they know the situation then and say so? Sunita fans are playing trolls. This post, which was put on hold for the whole, is again leading to discussion. It is learned that SPB went missing on September 25 last year.

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