Sacrifice star who sounded like a mouthful again .. Rakesh Master is like that before! Don’t miss the live ..

Sacrifice Star Sunishit No introduction required. In the meantime, Sunishit became famous overseas in an interview. Sensational comments were made that stars like NTR and Mahesh Babu had kicked him out of the industry. Netizens dubbed him the Sacrifice Star after he said he got super hit movies because of his resignation.

In particular, director Sukumar said that he had told himself the story of ‘One Nenokkadine’ which was screened in Mahesh Babu combination. He did not stop there and said that he had affair with many heroines .. especially actress Lavanya Tripathi who was dating him .. after that they also got married. Lavanya’s fans filed a police case against him.

Recently, however, Sunishit gave an interview to Rakesh Master. The original Rakesh Master .. Sunishit urukuntada in front of him as he liked .. crushed in live. Like in all the interviews, Sunishit said in the interview that ‘Sukumar auditioned for’ One ‘and did 20% shooting’. Screaming with it Rakesh Master Crushed him. Sunishitani played as he pleased on the head and cheeks. After that Rakesh Master took off the cane and gave the coating to Mari Sunishit. This video is currently going viral on social media.

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