RRR: Young Tiger NTR on Fire .. Nandamuri Rajasam on the walk .. That’s the hero level !!

A huge film being made by director Rajamouli RRR. Young Tiger NTR and mega power star Ram Charan are playing the heroes. Major part shooting has already been finished. The film will be brought to the audience as the most ambitious Pan India movie. This created a range of hype on the RRR before its release. Updates related to this movie are creating new records. Recently released in this order NTRRamaraju for Bhim‘The video has a rare record of being pushed.

Ram Charan’s ‘Bheem for Ramaraju’ video released in March has become a sensation on YouTube. The NTR ‘Ramaraju for Bheem’ video released as a Dasara gift has become an online sensation. In fact, despite the opposition from some quarters to the video, the record hunt is still in the forefront. Released on October 22, the teaser has garnered over 2 lakh comments so far. With this, the video ‘Ramaraju for Bheem’ became the first teaser to get this range of comments in Tollywood. Also, the video, which is going viral on YouTube, has received over 3 crore views so far.

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Rajamouli, who finished the RRR major part shooting before the lockdown, is currently in the process of completing another schedule on a special set at Ramoji Film City. In this background, wearing a shoulder bag and wearing a mask, NTR, who was walking like that, went viral. Fan who saw this pick .. ” Nandamuri dynasty is immersed in that walk. That’s the heroic level, “he said. Information that this pick was taken while his part in the RRR was coming after the shooting was finished.

RVR (Roudram Ranam Rudhiram) is being formed by allocating a huge budget in DVV donation. The film stars NTR Komuram as Bhim and Ram Charan as Alluri Sitaramaraj. Alia Bhatt and Olivia Morris play the heroines. Ajay Devgan and Shriya are playing key roles.

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