RGV: I will not see Bigg Boss but will not leave Ariana.

No matter who is in front of him .. no matter who he is, whether it is an interview or a public meet, it is not an exaggeration to say that Verma is the only one who can speak his mind. He is in the habit of saying it immediately if it is not his. That is why the words he speaks become a sensation. In a recent interview, Verma revealed his thoughts on Bigg Boss beauty Ariana.

Verma’s comment that ‘Bigg Boss will not see but will not leave Ariana’ is becoming a sensation. Previously involved in an interview with Ariana Ram Gopal Varma..Wow if you see any girl! When asked what it feels like, the answer is ‘you’. Not only that but it created a sensation that I wanted to see you in a bikini. With this at once on social media Ariana The name Marumogi gave her full popularity. Ariana Strong, who took a chance on Bigg Boss 4 with the same popularity, continues to be a constant.

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In a recent interview in this context, Verma directly said that Ariana never left her as the topic came up again. He said that he did not know the concept of Bigg Boss at all and that he would not watch Bigg Boss. With this, this comment made by Varma is going viral. Now Bigg Boss 4 is also going to be completed in another two weeks so will Ariana be ready with Varma .. or not? Is to be seen.

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