Rashi Khanna who opened her mouth on marriage .. Open comments that the fianc should be like that

In recent times, the wedding issues of the cine generation are constantly in the discussion. Audiences focused on everyone on the list as most of the most eligible bachelor celebrities were getting married one by one. It is against this backdrop that the latest beauty star has reacted to her wedding affair. She made open comments telling her fianc how to be. Rashi Khanna, who was once plump, has now become a sleazy heroine with many Telugu and Tamil movies. This beauty who is taking a series of opportunities to make a fresh makeover from time to time .. recently participated in an interview and shared many interesting things. Part of it was telling her what kind of husband she wanted. It is clear from her words that all the heroines have different ideas about marriage. Rashi Khanna says that her fianc should be a spiritually minded Wadai even if he is not a big man, and a man who is as devout and devout as God should be. She said she was blown away just for such a person. Rashi Khanna’s marriage has become a hot topic in cine circles as she says that she will choose and marry a man with those qualities. Rashi, who is increasing the dose of beauty in the middle of nowhere, is currently in the process of impressing the Tamil Tamils. She now has nine films under her belt. Rashi Khanna has acted in Tughlaq Darbar, Aranmanai, Bhramam, Pakka Commercial, Thankyou, Sardar, Tiruchitram Balam, Methavi, Saitan Ka Bachcha.

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