Rakul Preet Singh: Rakul who attended the trial in the drugs case .. Heavy security at the entire office! A series of questions on the heroine – tollywood drugs case: rakul preet singh at ed office

Tollywood Drugs Case Once again the cine categories are shrinking. Officials, who have taken drug supply and money laundering issues seriously, have issued notices to 12 people in the film industry and launched an investigation. Director Puri Jagannath has already launched an investigation into the heroine Charmi and recorded key information by Enforcement Directorate (ED) officers. It was in this context that a short while ago (Friday morning) Rakul Preet reached the entire office and took part in the interrogation of the officers.

In fact, according to the entire notice given earlier, the Rakul Investigation is scheduled to take place on September 6 as part of the trial of this case. But Rakul wrote a letter to Edie asking him to change the date of his trial as he could not come on that date for some reason. However, Rakul’s request was rejected by the entire officers. She sent another e-mail saying she was ready to arrive three days earlier and Edie agreed. It was against this background that the entire office was reached today (September 3) Rakul Preet Singh.
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In the wake of Rakul’s arrival, heavy security was set up at the entire Hyderabad office. Rakul’s investigation is ongoing in the entire office amid police resupply. Authorities are examining her bank accounts in terms of drugs pedal and money laundering. You are dragging a coupe, pouring a rain of questions on Rakul. Information that the main masterminds of the Drugs Danda are questioning her about her relationship with Kelvin. It seems that the entire authorities are focused on Rakul’s personal transactions.

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