Pujitha Ponnada who bought a new house .. entered the house with her uncles

Actress Worshiped Ponnada Four years have passed since I was introduced to Tollywood. But, she still did not get proper recognition. Telugu actress Poojitha Ponnada, who entered the film industry from short films, was introduced to the Telugu audience in 2016 through the film ‘Tuntari’. However, most people know about Poojitha with her role as Adi Pinchetti’s girlfriend in the movie ‘Rangasthalam’. In ‘Rangasthalam’, Pujitha appeared in a very methodical way in a skirt. After that, she looked good in modern looks. She acted as a romantic lady essayist in the movie ‘Kalki’. Recently, she appeared in the movie Kirti Suresh ‘Miss India’.

Although Pooja has not yet reached stardom, her earnings seem to be good. Because, on the one hand, he has become a busy artist, acting in movies as well as in web series. Meanwhile, the revered bought a new house. She recently moved in with her parents. Worship shared photos via Instagram related to this homecoming event.

See Photo: Worshiped Ponnada home entry .. ‘Rangasthalam’ actress in traditional look

Do not hesitate to actually do the revered glamor show. Most of the photos she posts on Instagram are glamor shows. But, homecoming is a traditional event so full-bodied, Telugu girl adored shining in a sari. The photos taken in this saree were posted on social media. Her followers who have seen these photos are commenting that Teluguness is on the rise. Worshiped in sarees are praised for being so beautiful. Meanwhile, rumors circulated that the reverend was getting married. Them recently dismissed as revered. He made it clear that he was currently focusing on movies.

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