Poonam Kaur Edapai Trishulam, Nagupamu tattoos .. This is a type of devotion

It is not new for heroines to get tattoos. In fact these tattoos are fashionable for them. Tattoos are placed where the body is hidden and exposed. Shruthi Hasan, Trisha, Nayantara, Simran, Tapsee, Samantha Akkineni, Sanjana Galrani, Namitha, Anasuya .. Many actresses have tattoos on their bodies. Fresh actress Poonam Kaur Similarly the tattoos were fried. Revealing them and sharing spirituality with everyone.

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Poonam Kaur tattooed a small trident and cobra on her forehead. In addition, he took some selfies showing the tattoos and posted them on Instagram. Moreover, when there is a trident in the heart .. it is also said to be Om Namahshivaya. Trishulam, Seshanagu .. These are the symbols of Shiva. Karthikamasam is currently running. Hence, Poonam Kaur got these tattoos with devotion to Shiva. However, her frying pan has become the talk of the town.

While some Poonam Kaur fans are praising the tattoos as very good .. others are incensed at Poonam. It is questionable whether the sacred trident tattoo is fried on the eda. Others, however, are wondering if Pawan Kalyan is in the heart. However Poonam tattoo selfies are currently going viral on social media. Poonam Kaur, who has made a name for herself by starring in films like ‘A’ V ‘,’ Shourya ‘,’ Nagavalli ‘,’ Gaganam ‘,’ Attack ‘and’ Nayaki ‘, last appeared in the film’ Next What ‘in 2018.

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