Paruchuri Gopala Krishna: Bet with God .. Allu Arvind who won .. Like the third son Kannadila

Tollywood legendary writer and director Paruchuri Gopala Krishna is known for sharing industry-related personalities, films and many other interesting things under the name ‘Paruchuri Palukulu’. As part of this, Bada shared interesting facts about producer Allu Arvind through Paruchuri Palukula.

‘After we came into the industry .. in one to three or four years i.e. 1983, 84,85 all the top producers of those days wrote with us. Alone Allu Arvind Except.

I call Allu Ramalingaiah Gari Baba. He used to swear at Allu Arvind every day in this regard. Why not write to Veedu Paruchuri Brothers. Some people tune in to certain bodies .. Allu Arvind is said to be tuned in to Satyanand’s body language. But he did not write a movie with us but .. Aunty Yamudu girl flirting movie shooting then Rakta Kanniru movie shooting will take place next to it. At that time Arvind came .. Gopalakrishna we have not written with you yet but .. Chiranjeevi asked if it would be good if you write Vanishree combination scenes. We also have no objection to putting your name if necessary. Since Satyanand was the writer for the film, we did not want to bury our name while he was there. We agreed to write .. When asked how much money they would like to give us the money .. I asked them to donate to the Public Dance Council. As well as given.

He saw the movie scenes where his aunt was flirting with Yamudu-girl .. He came to us .. Do you know anything about Vanishree ?? Sharada thinks Karuna Sri .. but how did you grow up with such an amazing mass character? We thought .. but now we know .. he said it was because of the dialogues. Then I said .. ‘Ledandi Sarada is a wonderful actress .. We saw that angle in her .. She did wonderfully with Annagari’.

Great dialogues should not be written for everyone. Let’s write big dialogues for everyone we didn’t know at first. But great dialogue explodes as the great says .. It is the same as what small children say. Once upon a time there were laughs in the theater. Why is that .. Vijayashanti has gone to O Range with a resistance film. I thought of her and wrote big dialogues for the next movie. Tira played the role of Vijayashanti in the film. As a child, Tulsi used to laugh in the theater as he narrated dialogues beyond his age. Knowing not to write words beyond experience.

There should be dialogues to suit the image .. Dialogues for the movie Aunt Yamudu Mogudu Mogudu also exploded as well. With this, Arvind called me to Rajahmundry for this film function and anchored me. At the end he gave me a shield. Allu Arvind is such a great man.

Allu Ramalingaiah is a National Communist .. a man with good communist sentiments .. such a wonderful comedian that made everyone laugh. He would come to our house if he got angry after any trouble in the house. If Ramalingaiah does not appear in the house .. Arvind Gari’s mother .. Gopalakrishna is said to be in the house. Has a good affiliation with him.

Arvind, who never wanted to write with us, came to us to write with us for the movie ‘Mechanic Alludu’. We didn’t like that movie story. Arvind asked, “Our father has not written to you for years. Now do it.” After this, if you call B Gopal and ask him to do that movie .. every movie made with Chiranjeevi has become a super hit. Whatever movies we missed writing, those movies are gone. Let’s just say we didn’t write this movie because it scared us. That’s how we got out of that movie.

After that Arvind came to us again and wrote for Badrinath movie. This story was written by Chinnikrishna. At that time we had to go to America. But when he returned, Allu Ramalingaiah was dead. Later, Badrinath stopped the movie and told a story about Krishna Raju and Prabhas as heroes and Krishna as a young director. This means .. Badrinath story is not floating .. it is not correct. That story didn’t even move forward.

However Badrinath movie was completed by Veevi Vinayak. We couldn’t even work on that movie. Every single one of the films I wanted to do with Aravind slipped like this.

Even if he does not work with Arvind .. he is equal to him in shaping the man. A sculptor shapes the film. How can it be said that there is a woman behind every Magadi success .. I believe that Arvind is behind his growth in Chiranjeevi Gary’s career starting.

When he tells the story to Chiranjeevi, he will not do OK .. Tell Arvind .. Tell someone else .. Tell a total of seven or eight people .. They mean OK, Chiranjeevi will do OK .. If Chiranjeevi says OK, then Arvind has to do it OK. Arvind is the man who shaped Chiranjeevi wonderfully.

Allu Arvind is a man who opposes God .. I do not know if you all know this but .. When Arvind Gary’s third son died in an accident, Ramalingaiah left home. But Arvind has three sons and the man who underwent the operation says that he does not want it anymore. There would have been another third son besides the present third son. Allu Arvind fought with God and showed his third son, ‘said Paruchuri Gopala Krishna.

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