‘Ola Chika’ Song: DSP who introduced another new word

Leading music director Devisree Prasad, who has been hailed as a rock star by fans, is also a good writer. Apart from composing songs, he also writes. He has already written a lot of songs. He also gives advice to songwriters. New word experiments are being done with them. Other language words are also used. DSP has already used words from other languages ​​in his songs.

The song ‘Aav Tujo Mo Korta’ in the movie ‘1 Nenokkadine’ directed by Sukumar with Mahesh Babu as the hero is a good example of DSP word usage. ‘I love you’ is called ‘Aw Tujo Mo Korta’ in Konkani. Devi used this very beautifully in her song. Now this young musical sensation has used a Spanish word in his song. That word is ‘Ola Chika’. It means ‘Hello baby’ in Telugu.

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A song from the movie was released on Sunday. The song ‘Ola Chika’ is very catchy. The word ‘hello baby’ is already used many times and will be replaced by the Spanish word ‘ola chika’. Devisree Prasad also gave this explanation as part of the song. The song was sung by Jaspreet Jazz with lyrics by Srimani. Hero Srinivas stepped on this song just as cleverly. Cowboy looks good.

Allu Adurs: Ola Chika Song .. Dusty Srinivas