MM Srilekha loses Rs 30 lakhs .. massive fraud due to illiteracy – playback singer and music composer mm srilekha says i lost 30 lakhs in the age of 19 years

Male domination is high in the film industry. Starting with power casting .. Women are rarely seen in other fields. Make-up, cameramen and light men are the most common types of men. From a creative point of view, the script, direction and music are more male dominated here as well. The names of the music directors are male. Surviving this male domination under such circumstances, she became the first female music director to compose music for more than 70 films and the highest number of films in the world. MM Srilekha.

Srilekha has sung in many films as a playback singer. She has composed her own tunes and worked as a music director for many films. Has provided tunes for Telugu, Tamil and Kannada films. ‘How can that be more than a mother’? Srilekha composed the wonderful vocals for the song. Girlfriend Rave, Love, Operation Duryodhana has worked for many films like this.

Srilekha, who made a name for herself as a music director at a very young age, shared an incident in her life. Srilekha said that she lost Rs 30 lakh at the age of 19 and was heavily cheated.

I lost the hard earned Rs 30 lakhs. Arrival of education .. I lost the right understanding or such a large amount of money. Simply said that it is not your fault to tell our father that this has happened. The ones who cheated are not wrong .. The ones who cheated are the ones who know that it is wrong .. Even if we think that we will not be cheated again.

I will never give value to money .. even if I think God has given me talent. Thought it would come again .. as well as earn it again. But at that time I had a lot of trouble losing such a large amount of money. That can would not have happened if I had it now. I Week in Maths .. Not even educated .. Not even over experience. I was 19 years old at the time of losing that money. I do not care much about such things .. If I remember the same thing over and over again I will stop there .. Leave it as it is .. My job is to think about what’s next. Maha however suffered for four and a half days.

I am angry with them that they cheated on me .. but nothing else. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. If there’s anything that’s good about me in my life, it’s the death of our father. His absence is a big loss to me. Everything in front of it is small. If you have a father, that courage is the difference.

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