mahesh babu: mahesh with another bollywood hero .. viral photos – super star mahesh and bollywood star tigershroff team up for a commercial ad


  • Mahesh co-starred with Tiger Shroff after Ranveer
  • Mahesh in a new commercial ad
  • Mahesh is busy with commercial ads in the shooting gap

Tollywood superstar Mahesh is all set to star alongside a Bollywood star. Yes..really! Undoubtedly not. This is true .. but Mahesh and Tiger Shroff are going to act together not in a movie, but in a commercial ad. Recently, a commercial ad titled ‘Pan Bahar Ilachi’ was shot. It stars Mahesh and Tiger Shroff. Mahesh Sathimani Namrita Shirodkar shared a short video related to this ad on her insta. Photos of Tiger Shroff in it are going viral.

Today’s top heroes are busy not only with movies but also with commercials. It is not new for Mahesh to star alongside Bollywood stars in his ads. This is Mahesh who teamed up with Ranveer Singh in a thumbs up ad for Vara, and now with Tiger Shrapnel. There is no doubt that superstar fans will definitely enjoy this kick.

Not to mention the craze for Mahesh in the South. That is why many companies are interested in appointing him as their brand ambassador. There is no need to say anything special about Tiger Shroff’s youth craze in Bollywood. Businesses are thinking of changing this craze to their advantage. As far as movies are concerned, it is known that Mahesh Thadupari, who is currently busy with filming the government’s song, is going to make a film under Trivikram’s direction.

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