kamal haasan: Are the producers of ‘Love Story’ planning a Pan India movie with Kamal Haasan! – love story producers are planning for pan india movie with kamal haasan


  • Producers of Love Story who met Kamal Haasan
  • Plan for Pan India Movie
  • The director himself is a growing interest in it

Are Tollywood producers showing aggression as they move from distribution to production? That is, the answer is yes. Who are the original producers .. How aggressive? It is not an exaggeration to say that those who do not know the name of Sunil Narang in the field of distribution. He has a good grip on the Nizam area as Asian Sunil. The fact that he has theaters in his hands may also be a factor. Puskuri, who entered the production industry with Love Story from the distribution field, is producing films with Rammohan Rao.

Their debut film ‘Love Story’ is ready for release. Apart from the release of this film, it has been announced that Pan India is going to make a film under the direction of Shekhar Kammula with Dhanush, who is well known in Bollywood along with Tollywood and Kollywood. However, according to the latest information, the producers are also planning another Pan India movie. Did you know that! … with Universal star Kamal Haasan. They also recently discussed Kamal Haasan. A photo related to it goes viral.

Kamal is currently in the process of finishing Lokesh Kanakaraj Vikram’s film. Who is the next director? The thing is, it’s coming out soon. Really with Kamal, the film industry thinks that Sunil Narang-Puskuri Rammohan Rao has not taken another step as a producer though he has thought of the whole movie.

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