I never thought a report would be so happy .. Varun Tej told good news to mega fans

It is known that the corona has created a stir in the mega family recently. Mega power star Ram Charan is the mega prince as soon as he says he has corona infection Varun Tej Mega fans were also alarmed when he claimed that Corona was positive. In this context, Varun Tej posted on social media that he had recently left Corona and that the report had a Corona negative.

“I have never imagined in my entire life that the word ‘negative’ would be so pleasing in a report. To me Corona turned out to be negative. Thank you for your love and affection, ”Varun Tej tweeted. Mega fans are happy to see this. Double Josh is commenting on making movies.

Varun Tej, who has been picking a variety of stories since the beginning of his career, has recently made a super duper hit account in the form of ‘Gaddalakonda Ganesh’. After that Kiran committed to a boxing themed film directed by Korrapati. Directed by Anil Ravipudi while starring in this movie F3 Movie sets come up Varun. Venkatesh will play another hero in the upcoming sequel to F2, produced by Dil Raju.