Hero Nitin Chicken Antham .. Did you eat? The campaign

The hero said he would act as a publicist for a popular corporate brand Nitin Announced a few months ago. Some photos related to this ad shoot have also come out. Looking at those photos many people thought that Nitin was going to act as a promoter for an international brand. However, a video of the announcement was released today. Nitin is promoting the Sneha Chicken brand from Hyderabad through this video.

Sneha Fresh Chicken CEO Varun said, “Nitin Lovely Performance and Anil Direction have done a great job with this ad.” The commercial was created by Anil Kumar, who co-wrote and co-directed Prabhas’ Saho. The visuals in the video and the catchy song definitely impress the current generation. ‘Did you eat?’ Everyone knows how sinful social media is. The same is used in this video.

Meanwhile, Nitin is currently starring in ‘Rang De’. The film is directed by Venky Atuluri and stars Kirti Suresh as the heroine. The film is currently shooting in Hyderabad. Shooting will be completed soon and post-production work will begin. The film will be released as a wallpaper gift.

P.D.V. Presented by Prasad, the film is being produced by Suryadevara Nagavanshi under the banner of Sithara Entertainments. Well known cinematographer PC Sriram is the cinematographer of this film. Senior actors Naresh, Vineet, Rohini, Kausalya, Brahmaji, Vennela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh, Abhinav Gomatam, Suhas, Gayatri Raghuram and others are in the cast.

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