Harish Shankar: Harish Shankar interesting comments on mega family heroes


  • Surge pre-release event
  • Released on February 12th
  • Megastar Special Guest
  • Mega director Harish Shankar impressed with the speech

Pawan Kalyan, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Sai Dharam Tej, Allu Shirish .. Megastar Chiranjeevi who introduced so many heroes to the industry .. His nephew, Sai Dharam Tej’s younger brother Vaishnav Tej made a fuss at the pre-release ceremony of the debut movie ‘Uppena’. Mega hero Panja Vaishnav Tej is making his silver screen debut with the movie ‘Uppena’. The movie starring Kriti Shetty opposite Vaishnav Tej as the heroine will be directed by Sukumar’s disciple Buchibabu Sana and will be released on February 12 with good expectations.

A pre-release event was organized on Saturday as part of the movie promotions. Star director Harish Shankar was impressed with his speech. Megastar has already fired mega punches.

Harish Shankar said .. ‘When the flood came to the pre-release event, a cutout of Chiranjeevi was seen outside. The mind went somewhere. Where is Mughals .. Where is Chennai .. Where is the journey .. How much reign .. Vaishnav came to Tej .. How far does it go.

Really, after Raj Kapoor in India, you (Chiranjeevi) are lucky again, sir. As luck would have it. Supporting a family so much is a preconceived notion.

Once Pawan was talking to Kalyan about the release date of the movie .. Next three months there are only movies of our family heroes sir .. then Kalyan said .. our family is not a mega family .. the whole film industry is our family. Chiranjeevi also thought about this many times because .. Corona filled many stomachs through CCC during difficult times. The tears were wiped away.

Arya was released when I was assistant director. Then wherever we went .. did we see Sukumar .. did we tell a story like Arya. Arya and Sukumar say the same thing in every cinema office. Now his disciple Buchibabu is continuing.

Uppena film director Buchibabu once came to Dil Raju’s office. He looked at me there and said ‘Sir I like your movie very much’. If the lie is being told so beautifully .. even if I think he will become a good director. But if I continue to go to the alliance office .. I will say it again and again. He’s not a liar playing pretty well. But how was the Arya movie said then .. Now Buchibabu is saying the same about the surge movie. Devi Sri Prasad provided the music for these two films. Harish Shankar joked that even if Buchibabu is the assistant director tomorrow .. even if Vaishnav Tej’s son launches, it seems that Devi Sreene will do the music .. Anchor Suma will host.

Speaking of the hero Vaishnav Tej .. God gives comparisons .. We must earn the quality ourselves. Harish Shankar said that when he saw Vaishnav Tejni for the first time, his grandfather’s eyes came to mind.