Chiranjeevi: Venky Kudumula: Feeling the same many times together .. Venki Kudumula’s comment on Chiru – venky kudumula reacts on meeting with chiranjeevi


  • Venky dumplings in full form
  • The director bursting with a series of hits
  • Special meeting with Chiru

With the movie Chalo Venky Dumplings The hit turned the whole industry on its side. The second movie was a blockbuster hit with Bhishma. Looks like a huge plan is being laid for the third project. It seems that the megastar met Chiranjeevi during this sequence. As usual, if Chiranjeevi likes any movie, he will be praised. Special congratulations to the film unit. With the success of the movie Bhishma Chiranjeevi Specially viewed. Congratulations to the director.

Venky Dumplings who met Chiranjeevi at that time became emotional. Shared the contents of his childhood. However, director Venky Kudumula recently met Chiranjeevi once again. Even if I see Chiranjeevi many times together .. I will be struck like that. I wonder. Aara around him .. The way he is all amazing. That’s why Kaboul says he became a megastar.

But what was the reason behind meeting Megastar? Netizens are inquiring. Are you filming with Chiranjeevi? Did you hear any of the story? Netizens are commenting in various ways that you should make a movie in your style. And if Venky is really in the business of telling and convincing anyone with a story that is as irritating as netizens. But now it is known that Chiru is busy with three films in a row. When all this will be empty .. When will the chance come for Venky.

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