Breaking: A commotion in Nebula’s house at midnight

Mega Daughter, daughter of Nagababu Nebula It is known that he got married recently and is enjoying himself in Atharint. She is married to Jonnelagadda Venkata Chaitanya, son of Guntur Range IG Prabhakar Rao. The Nebula Destination Wedding was held in December last year at the Udaipur Palace in Rajasthan. After that, Nebula, who is doing romantic tours with her husband, is always seen in the news. That’s not all the fuss she’s making on social media.

Meanwhile, a shocking news about the Nebula couple went viral in a matter of seconds. The registration of a case against Niharika’s husband Chaitanya at the Banjara Hills police station has become a hot topic. With this, everyone is discussing this issue. What is this shocking news? Inquiring as to what actually happened.
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However, according to the information received so far, it seems that there was a big commotion in the nebula house at midnight. After a big commotion in the house .. her husband Consciousness The apartment dwellers complained to the Banjarahills police that he was doing NewSense. Nebula’s husband also lodged another complaint against the apartment dwellers and the police are awaiting further investigation after receiving complaints on behalf of the two.

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