Bandla Ganesh: Joker Kadikkada Fighter .. Bandla Ganesh Reaction on TRS MLC Poetry Comment

In the wake of the GHMC election Bandla Ganesh The name is becoming a sensation once again. We notice that his name is somehow mentioned. MLC participating in a meeting organized by TRS as part of the recent election campaign Poetry.. On one occasion, the video went viral after Bandla named Ganesh. Her message that Bandi Sanjay is doing this year’s comedy like Bandla Ganesh did last year has become a topic of discussion among the people.

In this context, Bandla Ganesh reacted to the latest poetic comment. “I am not a joker, I am a fighter, but I do not want to be in any political party right now. All the best ” was tagged to the poem. Seeing this comment made by him .. Netizens are reacting in different ways in support of Bandlanna. With this, this tweet is going viral.

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Bhandla Ganesh has repeatedly said that he is not in any political party in the wake of some working hard and trying to sling mud at him even though he claims that he has nothing to do with politics. It is noteworthy that please request ten times for one not to post the words spoken in the past now. Bandla Ganesh, who recently acted in ‘Sarileru Nikevvaru’, is ready to make several films as a producer again.

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