Amma’s words moved .. That’s why Natudinayya: Rao Ramesh

An actor who impressed many audiences with his vilinism Rao Gopalarao. Now as a son beyond the father Rao Ramesh More than that they are excelling in the industry. Along with vilinism, comedy and sentimental characters are wonderfully cultivated and specialized. Ramesh, who was introduced to Tollywood with ‘Seemasimham’ starring Balakrishna as the hero, was given a break by the films ‘New Golden World’ and ‘Destination’.

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Rao Ramesh

However, can we believe that Rao Ramesh is not interested in actual acting? Yes, before coming to the industry, Ramesh wanted to be a director. When I told my mother the same thing .. ‘If you want a director, it is not enough to know the lens .. You have to have a grasp of 24 sections and know life. The light will appear only after crossing the thorny path. Prove yourself as an actor first. ‘ Rao Ramesh, who had forgotten what his mother had said, put aside the idea of ​​directing and acted. He himself said this in an interview.

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