Chadti Jawaani Mera Loot Gaya Chain…Farmani Naaz showed swag on the song, fans were blown away

farmani naaz Who does not know today. She has become famous all over the country. In SawanHar-Har ShambhuShe came into the limelight by singing bhajans. Although she has been singing songs since long ago. In the year 2020, he had a collaboration with Kumar Sanu in Mumbai. bollywood song Sang, for which he also got 45 thousand rupees. In addition he Indian idol He had also auditioned for, in which he was also selected, where he also sang many songs, but he had to come back due to his son’s health. So, social media But a new video of him is going viral, which is being liked by the people.

Farmani Naaz is quite popular on YouTube and now she is slowly becoming an Instagram ‘star’ too. She keeps sharing lip-sync videos on her Instagram account, which people like very much. At present, one such video of her is going viral, in which her swag and style are being seen. His fans are blown away by his swag and style. In her new video, she is seen lip-syncing to the song ‘Chadti Jawani Mera Lut Gaya Chain’. His expressions are also amazing. He has made this video in his new studio, which is being said that this studio is worth about one crore rupees, which has all kinds of facilities.

Watch Farmani Naaz’s swag and style in the video

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This new video of Farmani Naaz, shared on Instagram, has been viewed more than one lakh times so far, while more than 5 thousand people have also liked the video. At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video.

If someone is telling his new video to be great, then someone is commenting and saying that I want to work with you. At the same time, many users are giving their respective reactions with heart emoji and telling how much they liked their style. Now you can understand how much the popularity of Farmani Naaz is.

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