Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant accuses Rajiv Adatia of spitting in food, fierce fight in the house

Rajiv Adatia Fights With Rakhi Sawant: There is a new uproar in the Bigg Boss house every day. After the new wild card entry, once again there was a lot of ruckus in the house. Rakhi Sawant made such a comment about Rajiv Adatia, due to which he got very angry and after that there was a fierce fight between the two. Rakhi even said that she has removed Rajiv from food duty because he used to spit in the food. After which Rajiv’s mercury reached the seventh heaven. 

Rakhi’s comment made Rajeev angry

made a homophobic comment about him. However, his word was beeped in the show.

Rajiv complains about Rakhi to Rashmi-Umar

But this thing struck Rajiv. After which he was seen complaining to Rashmi and Umar about Rakhi. He said that he had not spoken on this earlier because he did not know the exact meaning of this word. But when he came to know about it, he felt very bad. Umar is also seen shaking her yes, while Rashmi says that Rakhi talks like this in the affair of entertainment, so tell her that she did not like her talk.

Rakhi accuses Rajiv of spitting in food

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