Yejaman, Rajinikanth: Wants groom like ‘Ejaman’ Vanavarayan… letter from fan goes viral!

Yejaman, Rajinikanth: Wants groom like ‘Ejaman’ Vanavarayan… letter from fan goes viral!
Ejaman is a 1993 film directed by RV Udayakumar. Superstar Rajinikanth, Meena, Napoleon, Senthil, Goundamani, Vijayakumar, Aishwarya, Manorama, Nambiar and others acted in this film. Rajini and Napoleon are enemies in this film.
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Rajinikanth and Napoleon have a race to marry Meena, an actress, and Rajinikanth wins and marries his uncle’s daughter, Meena. The film was produced by AVM. Musician Ilayaraja composed all the songs in the film which were hits.

This film completed 30 years of release on 18th February. Rajini fans decided to celebrate this. In this case, AVM published a letter written by a fan in 1993 after watching the film Ejaman.
The letter said, Hello! I am writing Ms. Thilakavathy. Tell me if there is a man like Ejaman Vanavarayan. I stretch my neck immediately.
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Sir tell me soon. The movie I watch with my husband after getting married must be the master. A diamond crown should be given to Udayakumar, who created a death story on the silver screen and stopped Lord Vanavarayan in my heart. This story is sure to create many masters. He mentioned that many Vaideswaris are sure to live without shedding tears.


In AVM’s post about the letter, we went to the woman’s town to get her consent to use the letter as a publicity stunt for the film. But the girl was afraid of her father and refused to agree.
But when she spoke to her father as a surprise, he not only agreed to use his daughter’s letter but also gave her photo.
Meena: ‘Pappukulam call me.. I have never been alone’ Meena said!
Some men also wrote letters asking for a woman like Vaideeswari. These letters greatly helped in increasing the collection of the film. It has been mentioned that it is a victory for the opinions of real fans. A letter written by a fan after watching the movie Ejaman in 1993 is currently going viral on the internet.

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